Driving The New Climate Economy.

S3 - Smart Sustainability Solutions - a new climate company under Sirius International Holding focused on four critical segments to create the new climate economy.

About S3

S3, is a global climate company announced at COP28, pioneering the path as a leader in combating Climate Change. S3 takes the lead in delivering end-to-end industrial solutions for the transition to a net-zero economy across four key segments: Methane, Carbon, Circularity, and Water Efficiency. 


Revolutionize the climate landscape.

Our focus is on driving actionable investments that transcend traditional boundaries, spurring growth in emerging markets and developing economies. Join us in the pursuit of a greener future, where Smart Sustainable Solutions pave the way for a healthier planet and a thriving society.


A world where sustainable solutions drive the pulse of our global economy.

We aspire to be the catalyst for transformative change, pioneering a Carbon-Chemical industry. Through innovation, collaboration, and strong partnerships, S3 aims to inspire a paradigm shift towards a global economy where Smart Sustainable Solutions flourish, creating a legacy of resilience and prosperity for generations to come.

Our investment strategy

S3, launched by International Holding Company (IHC) subsidiary, Sirius International Holding, has developed an investment philosophy rooted in accelerating decarbonization by strategically leveraging leading science, engineering, and digital expertise. S3 invests in and deploys cutting-edge technologies and systems that harmonize emission reduction with the escalating global energy demands. Our focus extends to fostering progress for both people and the planet on the relentless journey to net zero and beyond.

Join us in investing intelligently for a sustainable future where innovation propels us towards unprecedented climate solutions.

Our Values

Our Commitment


S3 is at the forefront of a groundbreaking initiative to tackle methane emissions on a scale that transforms economies. We are committed to orchestrating economy-wide reductions in methane emissions, and to catalyze this monumental effort, we're mobilizing $1 billion dedicated to methane abatement projects. S3's vision extends beyond mere reduction – it encompasses a comprehensive approach, leveraging innovation and strategic investments to curtail methane's impact on our environment. Join us in shaping a cleaner, more sustainable future as we pave the way for a methane-resilient world.

Carbon Capture

S3 is on a mission to lead the charge in decarbonizing today's energy systems and expediting the decarbonization process across pivotal, heavy-emitting sectors. Our strategic focus revolves around pioneering innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries. By deploying cutting-edge technologies and fostering partnerships, S3 is dedicated to catalyzing a significant reduction in carbon emissions, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable energy landscape. Join us as we redefine the future, one where carbon neutrality is not just a goal but a tangible reality.


S3 is committed to revolutionizing the way we harness and utilize heat and cold energy. Our vision extends beyond conventional approaches, as we champion circularity in energy systems. S3 is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that maximize the efficiency of heat and cold energy, contributing to a sustainable and circular economy. By redefining how we manage these resources, we aim to minimize waste, optimize energy usage, and pave the way for a circular future. Join us in shaping a world where the principles of circularity propel us towards a more sustainable and efficient energy paradigm.


S3 is dedicated to redefining the landscape of water management. Our mission is to lead the way in optimizing water usage, ensuring efficiency across diverse sectors. S3's approach involves innovative solutions that not only address current water challenges but also lay the foundation for a sustainable water future. By leveraging technology, strategic partnerships, and a commitment to responsible water stewardship, we aim to optimize water usage and the recovery of water resources. Join us in the journey towards a world where water is managed intelligently, sustainably, and where every drop counts towards a more resilient future.

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